The future of beauty lies in tech

Technology is the now the biggest influence on where the beauty sector will go next, according to a new report from Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. Its author Emma Chiu takes us through it

Thanks to a healthy injection of tech-driven tools, the beauty industry’s evolution is not only changing the way we interact with the products in our daily beauty regime, but also how we attend to our overall wellbeing. As we strive to better our health and extend life expectancy, heavy emphasis is currently placed on technologies for assistance: 64% of Americans would prefer to track their health at home rather than visit a doctor, and 64% of Americans agree that, if used correctly, an app or website could help them be healthier than they currently are, according to a survey conducted by Sonar, Wunderman Thompson’s market research tool.

The desire to optimise health is infiltrating every sector and the beauty industry is leveraging technology to create a new normal, where smart mirrors offer personalised beauty advice, DNA analysis is part of spa treatments and a simple selfie can diagnose an individual’s skin health.

Welcome to a future that is driven by people’s desire to better understand their health through the lens of tech. From hormone tracking to DNA testing, consumers now enjoy a range of options that make analysing their biology easy. At the forefront of skincare science research, L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator debuted the My Skin Track pH prototype by La Roche-Posay at CES 2019. The wearable reads the skin’s pH levels to determine the skin’s health. More recently, the company partnered with microbial genomics company uBiome to conduct research on the skin’s bacterial ecosystem.