The FWA People’s Choice Award 2011

What’s been your favourite new website this year? The FWA site is offering up its top 12 sites of 2011 for you to choose from in its annual FWA People’s Choice Award…

What’s been your favourite new website this year? The FWA site is offering up its top 12 sites of 2011 for you to choose from in its annual FWA People’s Choice Award…

The list of 12 consists of the websites that were picked as FWA Websites of the Month over the past year. Here’s are the nominations in full:

January: Lego Star Wars III (view the site here).

In this real-time, multiplayer online experience created for LucasArts, users learn about the new Lego Star Wars video game while taking control of a Star Wars character and working collaboratively to solve puzzles. Designed by Red Interactive Agency.

February: Die Hipster (view the site here).

The chance to kill a hipster comes very rarely in this politically correct world. This site helps you achieve that goal. Designed by Wefail.

March: Greenpeace – A New Warrior (visit the site here).

Visit the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior online and purchase a section of it to help the organisation build a new ship. Site by DDB Paris, Les 84, Make Me Pulse.

April: Edding – Wall of Fame (visit the site here).

An interactive live drawing board from Edding pens, where visitors can use one of eight pens to draw, illustrate and comment. Everything on the wall happens in real time. Site by Kempertrautmann Gmbh, Demodern.

May: Magnum Pleasure Hunt (visit the site here).

The Pleasure Hunt is a fully interactive experience where you run, jump, drive and fly across real brand sites in the hunt for a Magnum Temptation ice-cream. Site by Lowe Brindfors, B-Reel, Plan8.

June: 3 Dreams of Black (visit the site here).

This dreamlike narrative was written and directed by Chris Millk and created for Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s album Rome. It uses WebGL to weave film with 2D cell and 3D interactive animation while showcasing Google Chrome. By Chris Milk, Google Creative Lab,, Mirada.

July: The Museum of Me (visit the site here).

A visual archive of your social life on Facebook, created for Intel. By Projector Inc, Deltro Inc, Taiyo Kikaku Co Ltd, Rhizomatiks,

August: Sexy Fingers (visit the site here).

A new website promoting awareness of rapid HIV testing, created for the AIDES charity. By JWT Paris, Flairs, Jean-Michel Tixier, Frenzy.

September: The Planet Zero (visit the site here).

An interactive 3D microsite promoting Nissan’s range of eco-friendly vehicles. By Enjin Inc, Roxik, Dwarf Inc.

October: Being Henry (visit the site here).

A campaign for the Range Rover Evoque, where the audience gets to decide the central character Henry’s decisions in multiple storylines. By Less Rain, The Brooklyn Brothers London, Somesuch & Co.

November: The Honda Experiment (visit the site here).

Built in html5, The Honda Experiment challenges players to create chain reactions by placing a set of pop-up windows in the correct sequences. By Wieden + Kennedy London, B-Reel.

December: Androp music video/game (visit the site here).

A music video/game for the track Bell by Androp. Players type in a message that then turns into an animal, which they guide through an illustrated landscape. By Party, Aid-dcc Inc, Katamari Inc.

The voting for the FWA People’s Choice Award 2011 will continue until January 13. Vote online at (only one vote per person will count). A panel of industry folks are also nominating their winner from the list and the results of both awards will be announced on January 15.



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