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The Logo Lab

A visualisation of a complex mathematical theory or the new marque for a German mobile phone network?
At last the truth can be told. All those weird 3D swirly logos that you see everywhere right now? Creative Review has traced them back to a shadowy research facility buried deep in the heart of Europe…

What, No Jewel Case?

Detail from one of the three inner sleeves from BUGGEDOut! Classics CD pack showing an ascii type illustration
Already this year several musical packages have landed on our desks and made us very happy – not least because they conspire to give a clear indication that budgets for music packaging are on the up…

Coversourcing: for your votes

Although submissions are now closed, you can still vote on the ideas submitted for our Coversourcing competition to design the UK jacket for Jeff Howe’s Crowdsourcing book

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