The Guardian: 200 Years, a Work in Progress print campaign

Category: Print Advertising; Entrant: Oliver

In 2021, the Guardian newspaper turned 200, and the team at Oliver was briefed to celebrate the newspaper’s bicentenary in a campaign that spoke to existing readers while gaining new subscribers and supporters.

To do this, rather than choosing to celebrate past achievements, the Guardian decided to focus on what comes next. From this, the tagline ‘200 years, a work in progress’ was born. The campaign featured bold copy and art direction drawing on the brand’s typography, and appeared in OOH – with special builds in meaningful and poignant locations – as well as press, display, social, film and limited-edition editorial collaborations.

Agency: Oliver
Global Chief Creative Officer: Rod Sobral
Executive Creative Director: Rob Kavanagh
Creative Directors: Sam Jacobs, Rae Stones
Planner: Dan Perry
Design Director: Liam Smith
The Guardian: Design Director: Alex Breuer
Director of Marketing Guardian News & Media: Kate Davies
Producer: Ben Longden
Production Company: Independent Films Director: Tony Barry
Sound: Wave Sound
Sound Designer: Parv Thind
Colour: Youngster
Colourist: Seamus O’Kane
Music: Domino Publishing
Post Production Music: Jon Hopkins