The Ideas issue: June/July 2019

Our latest issue is dedicated to ideas: how to get them, the brands and creatives that are shaking them up, and the first in a new series on the oral history of big ideas, starting with Skittles’ classic Taste the Rainbow ads


Ideas are fickle things – often presenting themselves as a stroke of genius before, on closer examination, becoming another scrunched up ball of paper destined for the rubbish bin. Others can seem inherently flawed at the time, but end up reemerging in unexpected ways and places.

With this in mind, our latest issue is devoted to the subject of ideas and how to get to grips with the ways in which they work. We spoke to people from across the creative spectrum about how they get ideas, including Pentagram’s resident sound designer Yuri Suzuki, journalist and illustrator Mona Chalabi and still life photographer Lydia Whitmore.

We also asked a number of creative leaders, including Grey’s Vicki Maguire and artist Ian Stevenson (whose work is seen on this issue’s lovely cover) to discuss their experiences of creative burnout, and what to do when the ideas tap runs dry.

Next, we took a look at some of the individuals and companies that are disrupting their sectors and bringing new ideas to the fore, including the Glimpse collective, which is offering a new form of storytelling for charities; activist beauty brand Lush; and On Road, the research company behind Nike’s hugely successful Nothing Beats a Londoner ad.

Plus, as usual we have lots of opinion pieces, ranging from former CR Editor Patrick Burgoyne’s piece on the uneasy relationship between the creative industries and academia, to Paul Gorman’s take on the new Keith Haring exhibition at Tate Liverpool, and Anna Higgs on how to avoid seeming like a jack of all trades, master of none. Get stuck in!