The immaculate craft of reverse glass signwriting

We take a look at the work of Rob Walker, a signwriter who specialises in the endangered traditional craft of Verre Églomisé, a type of reverse glass signwriting

Signwriter Rob Walker’s destiny was apparent from an early age. Growing up in West Yorkshire, while his friends were indulging in the usual teenage pursuits of hanging around in the local park and drinking, Walker could generally be found “eyeing up the lettering on passing vans” and listening to music, perfecting lettering. “Give me a pencil and De La Soul any day,” he laughs.

The 41-year-old artist now runs Signs By Umberto, in homage to his childhood nickname. He specialises in Verre Églomisé, a type of reverse glass signwriting. Signwriting, incidentally, recently made English Heritage’s Red List of endangered crafts.