The Jedi Path book presentation box

Its silver vault doors sport an embossed image of two moons setting over the rounded edge of a nearby planet and two hands clutching a lightsabre. Yup, it’s the suitably geeky packaging for Lucasfilm book, The Jedi Path…

Its silver vault doors sport an embossed image of two moons setting over the rounded edge of a nearby planet and two hands clutching a lightsabre… Press the button on the bottom and, in a wash of blue light and sound effects, the doors slowly open and the book within rises on a platform. Yes, folks it’s the packaging for The Jedi Path, a limited edition book, created collaboratively by print production company Imago, publisher becker&mayer! and, of course, Lucasfilm.

“The biggest challenge for us was that George Lucas (no relation to CR’s Gavin) did not want the opening mechanism to be activated electronically,” explains John Hine at Imago. “The only electronics present are to power the blue lights on the book platform and the sound effects that are generated on opening,” he adds. “The internal mechanism operates entirely through springs and levers – the challenge being, to get a smooth action, with both left and right drawers consistently opening in unison and at such a speed to be fully opened before the book is revealed on its raised platform. This fine tuning took many rounds and tweaks to the engineering, before the required brief was realised & satisfied. Further use of Imago’s creative experience was to produce the metallic look of the injection moulded vault and the authentic, time worn manual contained within.”

The book itself is no simple production. The very premise for the book is explained on the belly band that wraps the vault when you buy it: “This venerable text. crafted by the ancient Jedi Masters, has educated and enlightened generations of Jedi. Through wars and rebellion, a single copy has survived, annotated by those who have held it, studied it, and lived its secrets. It is now passed on to you.”

It sports an embossed, pseudo leather cover that’s soft to the touch, there are hand torn pages and no fewer than eight removable “artifacts” within the pages that include a coin-like charm, a material patch and even a drink-stained napkin. The printed text is also “annotated” with handwritten notes by the book’s supposed previous owners, each of whom thankfully happens to have their own distinctive handwriting. Here are a few shots of the book…

The book has been available in the US for a few months, but we’re told the publishers are finally allowed to talk about it to press in the UK.

Above, the vault complete with belly band, as packaged. As you might expect from a Lucasfilm production, the book has an “official trailer”…

And also check out this excited appraisal of the book by a Star Wars fan:

COMPETITION GIVE AWAY! Print production company Imago has very kindly offered us a brand spanking new boxed copy of The Jedi Path to give away to one of our readers. To win, simply tell us your favourite quote from any one of the six Star Wars films in the comments below. We will pick one we feel is the most worthy of a true Jedi THIS FRIDAY JUNE 17 and reward whoever submitted it with the prize. Wisely must you choose…

The winning quote, well, there can be only one [Oh no. Sorry, wrong film]. Carolyn was the first of many to suggest Yoda’s fine words of wisdom: Do. Or do not. There is no try. Congratulations to her. One Jedi Path will be making its way at lightspeed over to Canada.


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