The legacy of Game of Thrones, in stained-glass installations

After Tourism Ireland’s Doors of Thrones and the Game of Thrones Tapestry we have Glass of Thrones, a stained-glass installation in Belfast to commemorate the final season of the epic television series

Over the past few years, Tourism Ireland has found some innovative ways of leveraging the country’s association with Game of Thrones to promote it as a travel destination. Working with agency Publicis, the tourism board has created a couple of remarkable, craft-heavy campaigns like Doors of Thrones for which ten elaborately carved doors each depicting a different episode from season six were installed in pubs across the country. In another campaign, Publicis worked with illustrators and weavers to create a vast, 66-metre Bayeux Tapestry which is hung in the Ulster Museum in Belfast.

Following this blueprint of working with local artists to create something visually spectacular, Tourism Ireland’s latest campaign commemorates the final season of the series with six free-standing stained-glass windows. The first one was unveiled today, and the rest will appear in various locations in Belfast as season eight progresses.


Each window pays homage to one of the Houses from the show: House Targaryen, Greyjoy, Lannister and so on, and depicts key moments from the plot. The first one, for House Stark is revealed today and located opposite the Belfast City Hall, which itself houses some beautiful stained-glass art. The windows will be laid out in a three kilometre-long trail, which will end in the Titanic Studios where much of the show was produced.

Tourism Ireland hopes this permanent installation will become a tourist attraction, which fans can visit in person or engage with in digital experiences (via a web tool which allows fans to place themselves within a digital version of a stain glass window). Undoubtedly, the windows will become selfie-ops and make their way around the world via social media.




Client: Tourism Ireland
Agency: Publicis London
ECD: Dave Monk
Illustration: Jelly London
Producer: Kal Parmar