The LOVE Thing

Fashion magazine LOVE has launched a 60 second film, directed by CG specialist James Lima, to advertise it’s latest issue…

Fashion magazine LOVE has launched a 60 second film, directed by CG specialist James Lima, to advertise it’s latest issue…

Launched yesterday (Valentine’s Day) the film, entitled The LOVE Thing, was shot on a RED camera (ultra high-res digital moving image camera) with CG street scenes created by Lima – who has created CG environments and films for the likes of Madonna, Nike, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg. He also directed Prada film, Trembled Blossoms (it was Miuccia Prada that introduced Lima to LOVE’s editor-in-chief, Katie Grand).

The LOVE Thing stars a selection of models that feature in the current issue of the title, including Jeneil Williams, above…

The LOVE Thing from LOVE on Vimeo.

It’s interesting to see more fashion work shot using a RED camera. In our forthcoming (it’s out later this week) 30th anniversary issue of CR, we asked a range of prominent figures, including practitioners, critics, curators and academics, to tell us about one thing, person, idea or place that they are excited about for the future – in order to create a list of 30 exciting prospects for the future. RED cameras is one of those 30 things and we have illustrated a short piece about the cameras with a recently shot Prada campaign, art directed by David James and shot by Steven Meisel using a RED camera to shoot film from which the campaign stills were pulled.

Also in the issue, Channel 4 creative director Brett Foraker nominates photographer David Drebin as one to watch but talks as well about the fact that photographers can now shoot video as they shoot stills. “It’s simply a matter of producing more sequential frames than was possible before.” Foraker also goes on to note that different ways of producing work with cameras will mean that the laws governing rights and ownership as they pertain to photography and moving image will have to undergo a major rehaul in the coming years…

Potential problems with image rights aside, one thing looks certain: fashion and its leading image makers are now embracing moving image like never before…

“I’m very excited by the idea of [fashion embracing] moving image,” says LOVE’s Katie Grand. “Clothes and bodies look better in motion. The new technology surrounding the iPad is also very interesting to me, and it’s thrilling to try and find a new way of working with fashion that isn’t just two-dimensional. Adding sound and movement to fashion is a huge and very exciting challenge.”

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