The making of the CR Annual cover

The cover of this year’s CR Annual was created by directors Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones in collaboration with VFX studio Analog. It also involved a flower artist, a colossal 3D scanning rig and a very famous fashion model…

The cover of this year’s CR Annual was created by directors Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones in collaboration with VFX studio Analog. It also involved a flower artist, a colossal 3D scanning rig and a very famous fashion model…

Each year, our Annual cover is designed by a different creative and usually features an image based on the capital letter A (you can see 2014’s by Melvin Galapon here and Morag Myerscough’s 2013 design here). This year, however, Du Preez and Thornton Jones opted for a more abstract approach, resulting in a striking set of images of supermodel Daria Werbowy.

To create the cover, Werbowy, who has appeared in campaigns for Celine, Mango, H&M and Net a Porter, was photographed at London’s Holborn Studios where she was wrapped in flowers and foliage by installation artist Rebecca Louise Law. Her image was captured using a 3D scanning rig built by FBFX, which fires over 100 cameras simultaneously to record still and moving subjects from every angle.

The resulting data was used to produce accurate digital doubles of Werbowy and the flowers surrounding her, which were then rendered by Analog in partnership with Du Preez and Thornton Jones to produce the finished images and film.

Daria Werbowy on set at the shoot for this year’s Annual

The rig used to photograph model Daria Werbowy for this year’s cover

The directors are now working with Analog on an accompanying one-minute film and plan to launch a gallery installation combining large-scale projections, 4D sound and floral artworks. The film is being edited by Final Cut’s Steve Ackroyd and features music by sound artists Salvador Breed and Stijn Van Beek.

As Du Preez and Thornton Jones explained to CR, the project was loosely inspired by the creative process, as well as the concept of transformation and symbiosis, reflecting the notion of ideas becoming a part of their creator.

“We explored various ideas and directions…but the crux of it was not to do a traditional photographic or graphic cover…but something hypervisual, that crossed in to various mediums and platforms,” explains Du Preez.

“When we spoke to Paul [Pensom, CR’s art director] about the Annual, we discussed that it stood for the best in creativity, and decided it would be interesting to have a metaphor that represented the birth or death of an idea, and how ideas evolve,” adds Thornton Jones.


WIP shots and CG flowers created by Analog


You can read the full story about the making of the cover and the accompanying film (above) in our May issue, out on April 23, which shares a spine with the Annual and features interviews with Law, FBFX, Analog and Du Preez and Thornton Jones. To add to the effect, the cover has been printed on Conqueror Iridescent Silica Blue paper from Arjowiggins Creative Papers.The film will also be available on our site later this week:



The Creative Review Annual 2015 in association with Arjowiggins Creative Papers is available to buy in WHSmith stores nationwide, at selected independent retailers, and online with a subscription (subscribers will also receive access to discounts, offers and exclusive events as part of our membership scheme, CR Club).


Daria Werbowy photographed on set by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones



Directors: Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones
CGI and creative direction: Analog
3D scanning: FBFX
Installation artist: Rebecca Louise Law
Stylist: Franck Benhamou
Make-up: Ninni Nummela
Hair: Raphael Salley
Nails: Ami Streets
Production: Thomas Brannigan @ WNSTUDIO
Editing: Steve Ackroyd @ Final Cut
Music: Salvador Breed & Stijn Van Beek

Special thanks also to Black Dog Films and RSA Films

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