The Modern Flower Co, Rebranding/identity

Design studio Multistorey has rebranded the London chain of florists The Modern Flower Company

“We felt the word ‘modern’ was very interesting as it will always have di≠erent conno­tations depending on when something has been labelled ‘modern’,” says Multistorey’s Rhonda Drakeford. “Can 1950s modern still be modern now?

There can be something charm­-ingly anachronistic about such labels and we felt it would be interesting to approach the identity with this in mind, using historical reference points and exploring what was modern to previous generations of florists, thus avoiding a rebrand that would date quickly.”

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Anthony Burrill’s Work Hard And Be Nice To People poster was a feature on the walls of CR Towers for a long time, providing valuable words to live by for all who labour here. An unfortunate Blu-Tac-related accident put paid to our copy so we were pleased to hear that its no-nonsense message will be reappearing on the cover of next month’s Wallpaper*

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