Glenn Kitson

The Monthly Interview: Glenn Kitson

In the first of a new interview series, Anna Higgs talks to Glenn Kitson about combining a career as an ad director with being a ‘meme lord’, and his strategies to stay centred and fresh in a world which can often just want more of the same

Glenn Kitson arrives clutching a coffee, something he’s recently “relapsed” into because of all the travel he is doing as his directing career builds faster than his Instagram following. “You just can’t not have coffee with jetlag,” he says. “It’s a slippery slope though!” This self-deprecating wit has added impact, as he’s been refreshingly open – in an industry habitually guarded regarding personal struggles – about being in recovery for years now.

Represented by mega-production company Iconoclast, he’s recently made spots for Nike, Berghaus, Clarks and the World Cup on ITV. Today’s coffee is because he’s been up half the night, working on pitches for two jobs. He likes to work late, and to have a few things on the go, and last night, inspiration hit. “I was in bed and had to get up and email myself in the middle of the night because I was inspired by a particular shot in a film that I wanted to use.”

To the casual observer Kitson looks like guys I went to school with: outdoorsy streetwear. But if you look closely, you’ll see the trousers, knitwear and big jacket are impeccably put together. It’s the ‘quiet luxury’ of Succession, by way of Bolton.

Glenn Kitson
Portrait of Glenn Kitson