The New York Times for Kids

This project has been selected in the Editorial category in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in commercial creativity

The New York Times Magazine is best known for its imaginative and innovative multi-platform approach to editorial design, particularly when it comes to its special themed issues.

Towards the end of 2016, a design team within the magazine – headed up by Deb Bishop – turned its hand to a one-off broadsheet section aimed at the offspring of the paper’s regular readership. Its first children’s section was such a hit that it ended up becoming a regular feature in 2018, running on the last Sunday of each month.

Combining vibrant illustrations and engaging graphics with relevant news for children, the aim of its creators has remained the same throughout. “The section aims to entertain and stimulate kids, to engage them creatively with the news, while never talking down,” says the team.

In 2018’s 12 issues, readers could get their teeth stuck into a special edition dedicated to animals, and another Halloween-themed one in October, which featured a split-run of three creepily cute covers.

Art Director: Deb Bishop. Designers: Najeebah Al-Ghadban, Leticia Sarmento, Claudia Rubín. Photo Editors: Jessica Tang and Christine Walsh. Illustrators: R. Fresson, Kyle Hilton, Tillie Walden, Giacomo Gambineri, Natasha Tibbott, Matt Blease, R. Kikuo Johnson, Tomi Um, QuickHoney, Siobhán Gallagher, Andrew Rae, Gary Taxali, Alex Norris, Super Freak, Katie Peek. John Hersey, Cécile Gariépy, Jillian Tamaki, Henning Wagenbreth, Kyle Platts, Kelsey Dake, Kate Prior, Aad Goudappel, Matias San Juan, Mark Matcho, Paul Windle, Marnie Galloway, Travis Louie, Sophy Hollington, Amandine Urruty, Jon MacNair, John Kenn Mortensen, Francesco Francavilla, Annie Jen, Francesco Muzzi.Bill Mayer, Sophie Goldstein, Albert Tercero, Mike Perry, Jared Muralt, Brian Rea, Greg Clarke, Baldur Helgason. Photographers: Sally Montana, Alyssa Schukar and Paola & Murray, Eve Edelheit, Ryan Young, Maggie Steber, Ariel Zambelich, Amy Powell, Claire Benoist, Dina Litovsky, Cassi Alexandra, Eva O’leary. Tony Luong, Sarah Anne Ward, L. Kasimu Harris, Zorah Olivia, Desiree Espada, Stephen Hiltner, Jessica Chou, Celeste Sloan, Stephen Hiltner, Drew Anthony Smith, Sally Montana, Justin Kaneps, Jody Rogac, Samantha Jane Beatty, Marcy Swingle, Brittany Greeson, Dolly Faibyshev and Jessica Tang. Stylist: Jodi Levine.