The New York Times Magazine selection of covers

Category: Editorial Design; Entered by: The New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine has become renowned for its dynamic and exciting design, particularly on its covers, which use photography, design, typography and illustration in order to express the stories of the day in innovative and unexpected ways.

Shown here are a selection of its covers from 2020, which feature everything from climate change to the US Presidential Election, and, of course, the coronavirus pandemic.

Creative Director: Gail Bichler
Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan

Art Director: Ben Grandgenett
Designers: Anton Ioukhnovets, Gail Bichler, Rachel Willey, Matt Curtis 
Deputy Director of Photography: Jessica Dimson
Deputy Art Director: Annie Jen
Photo Editors: David Carthas, Shannon Simon, David La Spina, Kristen Geisler, Debbie Samuelson
Photographers: Arielle Bobb-Willis, Philip Montgomery, Doug Mills, Meridith Kohut, Hannah Whitaker, Bobby Doherty, Gareth McConnell
Illustrators: Brian Rea, Mike McQuade, Sophy Hollington, Delcan and Company, Tracy Ma
Prop Stylist (11/22): Heather Greene
Typography (10/25): Nikita Iziev
Concept (5/10): Pablo Delcan