Furlined: The New York Times, The Truth is Worth It

Honourable Mention: Advertising, Commercials

Fearlessness is part of the New York Times’ ongoing The Truth is Worth It campaign, which aims to highlight the power of good journalism and its potential to shift perceptions and culture. This ad looks to shed light on the rigour behind the New York Times’ journalism and why it is worth supporting.

Directed by Emmy Award-winning directing duo Martin + Lindsay, the film launched at a time of renewed discussion on ISIS, Syria and terrorism. The stories featured were told with a combination of pre-existing elements, source material provided by New York Times reporters, stock footage, and footage shot by the directors to fill in the story gaps where needed to match the tone of the archival footage.

The film aims to put viewers in the shoes of the journalists, allowing them to experience their psyche, intentions and actions. Fearlessness was launched as ISIS lost its final stronghold in Mosul and could only be released once the associated journalist was safely back on US soil.

Production Company: Furlined
Director: Martin + Lindsay 
President: Diane McArter
Vice President: Ben Davies
Senior Executive Producer: David Thorne
Agency: Droga5 New York
Creative Chairman: David Droga
CCO: Neil Heymann
ECD: Tim Gordon
Creative Directors: Laurie Howell, Toby Treyer-Evans
Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Director of Film Production: Jesse Brihn
Associate Director of Film Production: Ruben Mercadal
Senior Producers: Topher Cochrane, Brandon Chen
Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Jim Helton
Assistant Editors: Chris Rizzo, Sophie Solomon, Alyce Muhammed
Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Head of Production: Penny Ensley
Producer: Lareysa Smith
Post Production: Significant Others
Producers: Alek Rost, Kyra Hendricks
Animator: Phil Brooks
Creative Director: Dirk Greene
Colour: Company 3
Senior Colourist: Tom Poole
Composers: Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurrians
Sound: Wave Studios New York
Sound Designer/Mixer: Aaron Reynolds