The Old Spice guy is back – and he’s brought his son along too

Just in time for his 10th anniversary, Old Spice guy has returned, and this time he’s sharing grooming tips with his son, Keith Powers

The Smell Like Your Own Man, Man ads are everything fans of Old Spice’s advertising can expect, featuring Isaiah Mustafa riding a dolphin, balancing on a log, and playing an extra long sax.

Except this time, he’s appearing in the role of dad to his slightly embarrassed son – which is somewhat ironic, given that Old Spice introduced the character to get rid of its fusty dad reputation in the first place.

None of the gags are new, but the Man Your Man Could Smell Like hasn’t lost his charm, and it’s fun to see Mustafa cast in a different light.

Understandably, these two ads don’t have quite the impact of Old Spice guy’s first appearance, back in 2010 – when he famously proclaimed, “Hello ladies, look at your man, now back at me” – but it does show that with some time, and dedication to the story, adverts can leave a lasting memory.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Production company: Epoch
Director: Matias & Mathias