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It’s the greatest show on Earth. But it’s not just the world’s athletes who compete for honours at the Olympic Games: it’s also a chance for the design and advertising communities to shine

In this Olympic special issue we look back at some of the great Games of the past and forward to creative efforts for London 2012. The Olympics has an enormously rich visual history, a large slice of which is owned by Markus Osterwalder. Osterwalder’s favourite Games are Lillehammer and Munich: next we meet Ian McLaren, a member of the Munich design team, who recalls what it was like to be part of creating perhaps the best-designed Games of all time. Will London 2012 be remembered so fondly by our readers? Adrian Shaughnessy at least has come to appreciate the logo but if readers cannot bring themselves to do likewise, they may well be impressed by the rigour with which its concomitant visual language has been applied. And what of those who do so much to fund the Games? What do sponsors really get out of the Olympics and is it worth it? CR finds out. Let the Games begin…

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