The Pattern of _ m _ hr : Tota Hasegawa

Tota Hasegawa was commissioned to create this artwork by the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo for the recent exhibition, Roppongi Crossing 2007: Future Beats in Japanese Contemporary Art, part of a series of exhibitions at the museum that began in 2004 and look at Japanese creative talent working in a wide range of genres

Hasegawa was one of 36 artists exhibiting in the show. This work contains a grid of analogue clocks arranged on the canvas – as the time changes, the hands move around to form a moving abstract pattern.

“The inspiration for the artwork came from the graphical shapes that clock hands make,” says Hasegawa. “They are 3d, but also indicate the fourth dimension (time) in our life. The clocks move very accurately and show different shapes at every moment – I found those shapes somehow poetic. By laying many of them out in a grid, they become less a clock and more a graphical device.”



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