The President: MK Bruce Lee magazine

Here at CR we’re longstanding fans of Peet Pienaar’s Afromag – a wonder­­fully eclectic, loosely bound collection of stickers, posters and graphic ephemera that gives a fresh take on what a magazine could be

As is often the way with such self-initiated projects, a commercial brand has now commissioned Pienaar to produce something similar for its own ends.

Bruce Lee is a magazine for South African music channel, mk. Like Afromag, Bruce Lee takes the form of a ‘jamboree bag’ of stickers, posters, postcards and a small booklet all enclosed in a series of different printed envelopes. There are two ‘covers’, one featuring a young boy – Bruce – and the other a girl – Lee.

Cape Town-based Pienaar says that the channel asked his new studio, The President (his previous venture Daddy Buy Me A Pony having closed earlier this year), to launch a magazine aimed at 18–24 year-olds. “We were so tired of hearing that the youth don’t read and that they don’t buy magazines,” says Pienaar. “We’re also bored with magazines always having the same format, the same content, the same formula. Playing and surprise are the most important memories in anyone’s life, so the magazine’s format was a mechanism to get people to have fun while being exposed to content.”


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