The Prize for Illustration 2015: London Places and Spaces

The Association of Illustrators and London Transport Museum have issued a call for entries for the Prize for Illustration 2015. This year’s theme is London Places and Spaces

Illustration by Erica Sturla, shortlisted for the Serco Prize for Illustration 2014 © 2014 Association of Illustrators. All rights reserved

The Association of Illustrators and London Transport Museum have issued a call for entries for the Prize for Illustration 2015. This year’s theme is London Places and Spaces…

CR will once again be on the judging panel for the AOI and TfL’s annual illustration prize, which aims to select a piece of illustrative work that best reflects the unique character of the capital, and this year’s theme should provide plenty of opportunity for artists to explore some of London’s most interesting areas.

“Each city space, however large or small, has its own distinct personality and uses, by all sorts of people for all sorts of activities,” says the AOI. “Grand scale architecture or wildlife oasis; internationally famous or local and secret; places for commerce, work, leisure and living. Contemporary architecture, historic treasures, and the vernacular; rivers, reservoirs and wetlands. Imaginary or real, past or present, the only essential element is London.

“The aim of The Prize for Illustration 2015 competition is to attract artwork for display that is colourful, inspiring and celebrates a vibrant, multi-layered London. Entrants are invited to visually capture an iconic or lesser known place in a single image. We want to see the quiet and contemplative to the crowded and loud, the imaginary or real to the past or present.”

Last year, the winning piece of work on the theme of London Stories was created by Gill Bradley (shown above). Our post on the best work from the 2014 competition is here.

Prizes will be awarded in three levels: First prize is £2,000 and display of the winning image on a London Transport Museum poster; Second prize: £1,000; Third prize: £750. According to the press release on the submissions, there is also the possibility that shortlisted images will feature on merchandise sold in London Transport Museum`s shop.

The competition is open to illustrators and students of illustration from all over the world. The top 100 entries selected by a panel of judges (including CR’s Mark Sinclair) will be displayed in an exhibition at London Transport Museum that will open from May and run until August 2015. The winners will be announced at a private award ceremony which is set to take place in early May 2015.

The deadline for entries to The Prize for Illustration 2015 competition is the September 28 2014.

For more details, including the conditions of entry, see the AOI’s page at The entry form is here.

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