The trauma of the battlefield brought to life in new Combat Stress ad

Combat Stress campaign by 4creative offshoot captures the mental health effects faced by military veterans

Combat Stress campaign

The last few years have seen the armed forces pump more money and effort into recruitment, and seen the emergence of unconventional and often controversial approaches to attract new sign-ups. However, despite growing focus on getting recruits into the army, few campaigns seem to focus on what happens when veterans come out the other side.

A handful of leading members from 4creative collaborated with Combat Stress – a charity aimed at helping war veterans recover from PTSD, depression and anxiety – on a new campaign film designed to highlight the complexity of post-service life for many veterans.

The film centres on an elderly war veteran reliving his moments in battle, giving a powerful, stirring performance as he finds himself back on the battleground surrounded by panic, fear and loss. The campaign follows a recent study showing there has been an increase in ex-military members reporting mental health issues over the last ten years, during which time the number of referrals to Combat Stress has doubled.

Director: Barry Dyer

Creatives: Jack Croft, Stacey Bird
Business Director:  Jane English
Senior Producer: Liz Arnott
Film Production: Opus 2