The worst book in the world?

A new book documents Kessels Kramer’s 15-year campaign for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

A new book documents Kessels Kramer‘s 15-year campaign for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

“In the long history of hospitality, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel stands alone as the worse there ever was,” says a press release promoting the book. Its 280 pages include every piece of communications ever made for the hotel by Kessels Kramer, which has famously made great capital out of the fact that the place is so awful.

Campaigns have included little flags stuck in dog shit (with illustrations by Anthony Burrill, an early collaborator)

Burrill also produced posters for the campaign

And this tongue-in-cheek list of complimentary items at the hotel

Even “sleeping pills”

Other ads focussed on the awful effect a stay at the hotel may have on guests

And its somewhat cavalier attitude to hygiene

It was also quick to send-up other ads’ dubious environmental claims

A range of posters allows guests to recreate the wonderful view available from select rooms

The Worst Hotel in the World is published by Booth-Clibborn, £25

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