Thing vs other thing!

We spotted bearded men pitched against muscle-bound freaks, a cowboy taking on a snake, He-Man vs Skeletor, and even a boy scout facing death. These are just some of the subjects of Jack Teagle’s paintings, prints, sculptures and drawings exhibited at the artist’s solo show at Nobrow’s new Shoreditch gallery space…

Last night, illustrator Jack Teagle launched his first solo show of work, entitled Dungeons and Desktops, at Nobrow‘s new East London gallery space.

The paintings, prints, drawings and sculptural works reveal Mr Teagle’s love of battling forces: bearded men are pitched against muscle-bound freaks, a cowboy takes on a snake, He-Man vs Skeletor, a boy scout faces death, and children flee from a giant ball of hair… Here are some pics – please excuse the poor quality:

As well as the various artworks on display, visitors to the gallery / shop can also pick up a copy of Teagle’s Jeff Job Hunter comic, published by Nobrow:

Jeff Job Hunter is the latest in Nobrow’s 17×23 short graphic story series. It tells the tale of Jeff who goes to the Job Centre to claim his job-seekers allowance but ends up slicing up serpents and skeletons in a dungeon…

Dungeons and Desktops runs until July 16 at Nobrow’s gallery and shop at 62 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3QR. All enquiries to

See more of Teagle’s work at

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