Things get weird in our Music Videos of the Month

We’ve got a bizarre but brilliant selection of music videos to share with you this month, starting with this short film created for Cate Le Bon by artist Phil Collins. I don’t really know what’s going on in it, but I know I like it.

The film was shot in Berlin at the end of last year, and features a cast of curious characters. It was created by Collins to promote Cate Le Bon’s new album, Crab Day, which is released tomorrow.

Next up, we have the first of two 360 videos to share with you. This one comes with instructions, asking you to follow a particular character around the scene, which adds an extra level of storytelling to the whole thing. It’s super fun and was created by director Romain Chassaing (prod co: Solab) for the Naive New Beaters track Heal Tomorrow (feat. Izia). Watch in Chrome for the full effect.

Sticking with 360 films, here’s a surreal film titled The Future of Music created by director Greg Barth (prod co: Blinkink) for Belgian electronic label Hello play! Again you need to be in Chrome.

A gripping tale of Eastern European gangsters for you now, from director Nicolas Davenal (prod co: Iconoclast) for KCPK track Who Wants It (feat. STS).

The Glue Society’s Matt Devine gets slippery in this promo for Born Dirty track Butter. Prod co: Revolver.

This animated (NSFW) video for Dark Tokyo by Pollyn was created by band member Adam Weissman, who clearly boasts some extra skills to making beats.

Director Tom Clarkson created this amusing video for Jack Garratt’s track Worry, which features VHS footage of casting sessions where the performers have been asked to offer up their most dramatic faces. Production company: Burning Reel.

This beautiful animated short accompanies the song Weather the Storm by Benjamin Scheuer, and features the tale of a heroic widower on a quest for toothpaste. Director: Peter Baynton; production company: Radish Pictures/Trunk.

Thibaut Grevet has directed this arty, surreal little film for August in Paris by Sage. Production company: Frenzy Paris.

And to finish, here is Jonathan Barnbrook’s lyric video for David Bowie’s I Can’t Give Everything Away.

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