Thisaway creates identity for Knowdonia, a new tour brand for North Wales

Started as a way to showcase what the Snowdonia region can offer tourists, the agency has created an identity inspired by one of the area’s regulars

Snowdonia is one of the most googled national parks in Europe, and the region boasts the highest concentration of mountains, beaches, castles, forests and lakes not just in Wales, but the whole of the UK.

Over half a million people visit every year and with more visitors than ever expected as restrictions lift, Bath-based agency Thisaway was enlisted to create the name and identity for new tour company Knowdonia

All images: Knowdonia identity, Thisaway

The brand was created as a way to show that there’s more to the region than climbing Mount Snowdon and hopes to encourage people to explore the other 823 square miles. Inspired by discovery, the name is also a nod to the knowledge of the company’s founder, who previously ran a successful premium hostel in the area. 

Thisaway developed the tagline Don’t Follow The Flock and used it as inspiration for the brand icon and logotype, which depicts the head of a sheep sitting atop signposts that form a cross. The nose and mouth are formed by the letter ‘K’ from the Knowdonia name and the ‘O’ also resembles a sheep’s head and body. 

“We wanted to build a brand that had lots of personality and would capture the attention of the ‘curious tourist’,” says Graeme Cook, Thisaway’s founder and creative director. “We put the idea of discovery at the heart of the brand and brought it to life with some wit and a playful brand identity that we hope will give the business good stand-out and visibility in the region.” 

To help embody the sites and scenery Knowdonia helps people discover, the agency also created a brand video. Working with photographer and filmmaker Hollie Harmsworth, the film is a picturesque jaunt around North Wales. 

“From the outset we knew we wanted to create a business and brand that would feel unique and different in North Wales, but we didn’t know how to do it,” says Knowdonia’s founder Christian Wynne.

“Knowing we hadn’t been through a branding process before, Thisaway walked us through each phase of the project with clarity and understanding. The thinking and output speaks for itself. The name, identity, and tone of the brand is something I’m very proud of. It puts a smile on my face, and I’m sure our customers will feel the same.”