Thoughtful was born on Christmas Day last year. Its founders, Chris Jeffreys, James Graham and Stuart Price, were previously senior creatives at design studio, The Chase

The trio describe the company as “a new ideas agency for the twenty-first century”, and, in deference to the company’s birth date, they have produced a “little book of revelations” where they lay out their very own ten commandments. In essence these place Thoughtful’s emphasis on providing impeccable service for their clients, large or small, promoting harmonious collaboration (the company’s identity was designed by Underware), and being devoted to ethical practice and a respect for the environment.

“In a world of limited resources, we feel a responsibility to lead by example,” they say of their green philosophy. “We hate the idea of over-packaging anything.” In an attempt to pracise what they preach, they print all their stationery in-house, “as and when we need it, using 100 per cent recycled paper and a bog-standard laser printer”. Their sign is an off-cut from another company’s and, instead of a big company brochure, prospective clients are emailed a link to their very own Thoughtful mini-site.

“It’s much faster, and allows us to be a bit more personal,” they explain. “And, like our stationery, it saves energy, reduces waste and cuts down on nasty chemicals in the environment. We also like the idea of borrowing, sharing and re-using, rather than owning. That’s why, when we set up, we decided to buy all our kit from the world’s biggest recycling company, eBay.”

While at The Chase, the Thoughtful boys won plenty of accolades and awards so, at only eight weeks old, they are already attracting the attention of clients. “We’re particularly excited about re-branding one of the UK’s biggest recycling companies, but we’re still in talks at the moment, so we can’t say too much more,” they say. “We’re also working on a new identity for a nationwide courier. We’ve named them Egg-n-Spoon – our pitch was ‘Speed with care’, which the client thought was a cracking idea…”

As to the future, they hope that the company will grow, but are otherwise not looking too far ahead right now. “To use an old football cliché, we’re not looking beyond next Saturday,” they say. “But whatever happens, we’ll always do our best to do the Thoughtful thing.”



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