Thrice Removed launch by Browns

Browns’ Thrice Removed book for photographer David Stewart featured in our Annual last month. Its official launch, however, was delayed until April but, it seems, it was worth waiting for.

“David came to us with the idea for a book on relationships,” says Browns’ Nick Jones. “Not just familial but also those tenuous ones we have with people we have met through someone else or those people who are interconnected through one person, in this case, David Stewart. Some of the images also comment on our relationships with societies or groups.” Stewart’s shots feature a range of subjects, from his dad and daughter to the son of the stylist he regularly works with.

“For the launch, David wanted something that was more than just a book launch. Something that was in its own right as odd as some of the shots,” Jones says. “So we took four of them and placed them in the cavern­ous space at Village Under­ground [an event space in east London] with no explanation save the book itself.” The four images (see slides) were represented by a Clydesdale horse called Buster, five disaffected teen­age girls, who not only recreated the shot from the book, but also helped sell copies of the book on the night, two lumberjacks who performed woodchopping skills in the set shown second from top, and a chip van (second from bottom) which provided food for the evening.

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