TiRA and Build Make GP Journal Feel Better

This is Real Art (TiRA) has collaborated with Michael C Place of Build to revitalise The Practitioner, CMP Information’s magazine aimed at GPs.

The brief was to make the journal look modern, take into account the perhaps surprising statistic that 30 per cent of GPs are women under 30, and also create a magazine that could be used as a practical reference tool for GPs.

“I wanted to make it easy for GPs to get the information they need very easily, but not dumb it down in any way,” explains Place of his approach. “Everything is colour-coded, Symposium features have a colour system that enables the reader to find those sections easily, by way of a colour gradient vignette, and typographic signposting top and bottom. I wanted it to feel as though the information is the main thing, so there are no surplus graphics, just good solid design.”

“Michael [Place] is a great type man, but he’s not a conventional typographer and we knew he’d bring some real innovation to the project,” says TiRA creative director Adrian Shaughnessy. “Most of the projects he works on offer him lots of freedom, but this was a typical magazine brief with strict word counts. He still found a way to make it practical but also rich and expressive.”

TiRA and Place will babysit the art direction for a few issues before The Practitioner’s own art director takes things over.


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