To be or not to be: what happens to those ideas that get away?

All those great ideas that don’t see the light of day – should we hide them away, show them off, or try to recycle them?

Nathalie Lees,
Nathalie Lees,

Now there’s a welcome sight in my inbox: after what I assume to be a week of caffeinated and sleepless deliberation, the art director/editor/author cabal has made a decision. They’ve gone for option B! In your face, options A, C and C (alternative)! In several months’ time, it’ll be option B that appears on a handful of bookshelves across the land, all proud and printly. “It’s beautiful!” they’ll cry. “My eyes! It’s too wonderful for my precious eyes!” they’ll roar. “The type is a bit small, isn’t it?” they’ll cheer. Good for you option B, bloody good for you.