Crypto disruptor reveals humanistic branding

Through contemporary design and warm illustration, the identity feels closer to a social media channel than a digital trading floor

Cryptocurrency platform has enlisted the help of creative agency 20something and digital design studio On to create an eye-catching new identity for the brand.

Launched last month,’s mission is “to humanise the world of tokens and crypto currencies, to make it more accessible and easier to engage with, [and] to help people understand what they’re investing in so they can invest in things that really matter to them”.

Working with 20something, the challenger company developed a design-led branding strategy that lends its website, app, and social channels a contemporary, forward-facing look and feel.

The team also collaborated with Amsterdam-based French illustrator Bertrand Aznar on a collection of punchy illustrations that are used across the website to emphasise’s youthful spirit.

Known for his fashion editorial illustrations, Aznar brought his stylish aesthetic to bear on’s disruptive branding, which represents a departure from existing crypto platforms. As a result, the website and app feel closer to a social media channel than they do a digital trading floor.

Elsewhere, the thoughtful approach to typography balances old-school style with more modern forms to reinforce the brand’s emphasis on being both cutting-edge and humanistic.

“For inspiration, we looked to another technological turning point – the 1960s space race,” explains Rory Stiff, senior designer at 20something. “Inspired by the expressive hand-drawn letterforms of classic sci-fi book covers, we chose a modern interpretation of that eclectic style in Rutherford Craze’s MD Nichrome typeface.”

He goes on: “We’ve also embraced a storytelling technique reminiscent of that era, one that inspires people with a vision of what tomorrow’s world could look like.”

In terms of the UX, On leaned on’s tagline, ‘Invest with Intent’, to design an experience that facilitates easy discovery and fills users with confidence.

“The vision for is revolutionary, and the challenge for On was to ensure this vision came together to create an exciting and accessible experience for people who want to make a difference with their money,” says Tudinh Duong, founder & CEO of On.;