Tori Ferenc on telling complex stories through portraiture

The photographer, who has worked for the New York Times, Nike and many more, shares her experiences as a freelancer, and why ongoing client relationships have been key to creating great editorial work

Portrait and documentary photographer Tori Ferenc has adopted the “less is more” approach in her work. Quiet and evocative, she sees her work as sitting at the intersection of documentary and art, “illuminated by strong daylight with themes of identity and community at its core”.

Ferenc is based in London but is originally from Poland. She became interested in photography through her friend Maja. “We would often hang out in the fields, parks, or derelict buildings trying to take creative portraits of each other. My style has definitely changed since then, these days I prefer a stripped-back approach,” she tells CR. “But back then, I really liked the creative process behind the picture taking, figuring out how to express myself, and playing out these characters we were making up with my friend.”

She enjoys the collaborative aspect of portraiture, and is keen for her subjects to be equal participants when making an image. It’s important they have a say in how they want to be represented. “Another thing I love is getting to know other people, but I am secretly an introvert and a massive overthinker. I feel more confident and relaxed with a camera in front of me,” she reflects.

All images: Tori Ferenc