The tragedy of Mac death

Creating a poster has proved the undoing of our design correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray’s computer – here, he offers some sage words of advice to help others avoid a similar calamity

Illustration: Daniel Benneworth-Gray

I’ve recently been taking on more poster design projects alongside the usual book cover fare, so I was going to talk about how one tackles that shift in scale. I was going to offer a fascinating insight into what one must consider when approaching the larger canvas; the subtle differences in the text/image balance; contemplating the presence of print in the real world compared with the equalising thumbnail nature of onscreen content; how both books and posters are essentially avatars and/or distillations and/or interpretations of more expansive acts of creativity.

It was all going to be very clever, very thought-provoking, really getting to the core of what design is. You would’ve nodded a lot. But then my computer died. So all I have to offer is: BIG FILES EAT COMPUTERS, OH GOD OH GOD.