Travel Oregon: Extraordinary is Ordinary campaign animation

Category: Animation; Entrant: Canada

The directing team at Canada were given a brief by Travel Oregon to create a campaign that illustrated how beauty is commonplace in Oregon – there’s magic to be found in every bit of dirt, drop of water, and chunk of rock.

To execute this idea, a multitude of classic animation techniques were utilised – from stop-frame animation, forced perspective and rear projections, to miniatures, puppetry and hand-painted backdrops.

Travel Oregon: Extraordinary is Ordinary
Category: Animation
Entrant: Canada
Production Company: Canada
Director: Gerson Aguerri
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Executive Producer Spain: Marta Argullós
Managing Director & Executive Producer US: Lisa Margulis
Director Of Photography: Malcolm Hadley
Production Designer: Anna Colomer
Head Animator: Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Stop Motion Supervisor: Zlatin Radev
Art Director: Marta Loza
Local Art Director: Lili Dancheva
Stylist: Ahida Agirre
Service Production Dept: Solent Films
1st AD Live Action: Zornica Cvetanova
Animators: Danail Kraev, Ivailo Iliev, Margarita Cholakova
Construction Manager: Minko Krastev
SFX Supervisor: Nikolay Fartunkov
Gaffer: Alexander Trenev
Maintenance Dolls & Sets: Anton Zhekov