Troy Hyde

It seems we weren’t the only people impressed with Troy Hyde’s work at last year’s St Martins BA Graphic Design degree show. Explosive, the London-based graphic design and advertising agency, also spotted his creative talents at the exhibition and duly hired him

Just over six months later and Hyde is currently working on rebranding the studio and its parent agency, MSC, into one. Not a bad start at all.

“I started working commercially by designing flyers and posters for hip hop DJs while I was on my foundation course at Brighton,” says Hyde. “Whilst at St Martins I began to work freelance for the company Illustrated People, producing T-shirt designs for retail in shops like Top Man. I also worked freelance for the Forster

Company  – a social environmental change company – on a project for the Department for Education and Skills’ drugs awareness campaign, Talk To Frank.”

For this project Hyde was asked to create the main image that would run on a series of sofas set to tour the country promoting the initiative. The word “Frank” is only properly discernable from one viewpoint (Hyde used an overhead projector and spray paint to achieve the effect) implying that the organisation can offer a more truthful “perspective” on drug use.

Hyde’s talent for typography initially attracted CR’s attention at his degree show (a typeface based on the shapes formed by the end of a rolled-up newspaper no less) but he’s equally adept at describing himself through his work, too.

His project, My Shed, graphically represents his creative output since he was four years old. In the form of a book each piece of work featured was reduced to its “average colour” and then listed by saturation, instead of chronologically. In this sense, he says, there’s no hierarchy to the work as each is as important as the next as a building block in his career.


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