A twisted tale about men and motors from Johnny Hardstaff

In this stylish and enigmatic short film-cum-music video, director Johnny Hardstaff aims to take on the overly masculine relationship that men have with cars

Set to a number of tracks from Parisian DJ and producer Jimmy Whoo’s latest release, Motel Music II, this beautifully shot film by Johnny Hardstaff tells the story of an obnoxious young man who stumbles upon an abandoned car and finds himself on an unexpected journey.

Hardstaff describes the film as an “unapologetically feminist short revenge film”.

“[It] looks to debunk the myth that a car can get a man laid, taking aim squarely at the macho contemporary cinema of Winding Refn’s Drive amongst countless others, and in so doing offering a refreshing recalibration of the stereotypically masculine relationship between cars, violence and sexual conquest,” he explains.

“Put most simply,” he continues, “Motel Music Part II is a contemporary fable of human agenda and industrial product, a tale of predators and prey.”

Production company: Hexagone Paris