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Creative Review’s resident twitterer explains why the micro-blogging site has proved such a valuable asset to the magazine.

Twitter is often criticised as being too look-at-me and faddish, but  for us it’s proved invaluable. Leading up to the re-launch of, we began to look at ways to publicise the site’s new features and encourage more interaction with our readers, as the blog and the conver­sations it generates are one of the most important aspects of cr online. Our Twitter account was created as a result of this. Since July, we haven’t moved out of the top five of MediaUK’s most popular magazines on Twitter and we now have over 24,000 followers.

One of the most satis­fying things about it is that it has helped re-introduce us to lapsed readers, but it’s also introduced us to more new readers, especially inter­nation­ally. It’s also been a fantastic tool to publicise and cover events such as our Click conferences.

Twitter – along with Vimeo and Flickr for obvious reasons – appears to be the social media tool of choice for the visual communi­cations industry. Partly this
is surely due to technology (iPhone and Smartphone owners are disproportion­ately high), but in the main it is because of a willingness to share opinion.

From a commercial point of view, Twitter has proved a great success for us. It’s the top referrer to creative­, accounting for between 5–7% of our traffic, and the reach we have with it is good for advertisers. The immediacy of the customer service provided by it is also a great benefit.

But perhaps most import­antly, Twitter lets us share with our followers some
of the great work being produced by the other people using the service.


Mark Sinclair lists other brands and industry-types tweeting into the ether

Top ten brands on twitter by followers (as of mid-November 2009)
Twitter @twitter 2,595,805
Google @google 1,826,577
NBA @nba 1,543,840
Whole Foods Market @wholefoods 1,541,125 @zappos  1,480,565  @woot 1,460,395 @someecards 1,416,319
JetBlue Airways @jetblue  1,401,619
Dell Outlet @delloutlet  1,363,065
Threadless @threadless 1,332,790

Top ten agencies on twitter by followers
Ogilvy @ogilvy 17,377
Razorfish @razorfish 14,722
Big Spaceship @bigspace­ship 14,367
Publicis @publicisusa 5,123
AKQA @akqa 5,054
Leo Burnett @mr_burnett 4,359
Landor @landor_dot_com 4,351
McCann Erickson US  @mccann_ny 4,321
TBWA @tbwa 4,310
DraftFCB @draftfcb 4,107

Some notable design and creative tweeters
Pentagram @pentagram­design 14,349
John Maeda @johnmaeda 13,768
Swiss Miss @swissmiss  13,292
BBH Labs @BbhLabs 11,559
Jim Coudal @coudal 8,504
David Airey @davidairey 7,951
Hoefler+Frere-Jones @h_Fj  5,004
Chip Kidd @chipkidd 4,496
Erik Spiekermann @espiekermann 2,743
Airside @weareairside 998
Stefan Sagmeister  @sagmeisterinc 626
Adrian Shaughnessy  @ajwshaughnessy 294
Asbury & Asbury  @asburyandasbury 246


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