Talented illustrator Johanna Basford has pulled off a publicity coup with #TwitterPicture, a collaborative social media project resulting in hand-drawn limited edition silk-screen prints.

Talented illustrator Johanna Basford, who impressed us recently with her personal take on a CR cover, appears to have pulled off another PR coup with #TwitterPicture, being touted in today’s Metro as ‘documenting the internet’s hive mind’.

The concept is simple. Johanna will create a picture in her signature style of intricate hand-penned drawings formed into a sphere. Anyone wanting to be involved can follow her on Twitter and tweet any item they’d like included in the finished picture (we requested a garden shed), along with the hashtag #TwitterPicture.

Johanna is open to your suggestions until five o’clock this afternoon (BST), and again from nine until five tomorrow. She is posting TwitPics of the design in progress at roughly 15 minute intervals throughout the two days. Here’s one posted about half an hour before this blogpost was made:

And this one is from about ten minutes back:

The resultant #TwitterPicture will be made into a limited edition silk screen-print.

Along with each signed and edition numbered print, there will be a Twitter Artists’ Certificate, detailing the name and suggestion of every person who contributed to the pieces creation. We’ll post details of how to order the prints once they’re available.

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