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From the digital world, Robert Greenberg of R/GA
And TBWA Chiat/Day’s Lee Clow

From the digital world, Robert Greenberg of R/GA

And TBWA Chiat/Day’s Lee Clow

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An anti-advertising advertisement

An ad promoting the joys of not being subjected to advertising might seem a contrary notion, but this is the premise behind the new Sky Movies Billboards spot, which emphasises the lack of advertising breaks on Sky’s film channels.
The spot was filmed in São Paulo, which, as CR reported in our June issue, is currently enjoying a hiatus from billboard advertising after a “Clean City” directive from the city’s mayor, Gilberto Kassab, which banned all outdoor advertising, including shopfronts. As a result São Paulo was left with numerous empty billboard structures, which without their signage appear ghostly and oddly beautiful.

Super Super: Like Nothing and Everything

“People said ‘what the f**k is that? It looks like a clown’s been sick’.” Not necessarily the response you might hope for when launching a new style magazine, but it didn’t worry Steve Slocombe. As creative director of the fiercely trendy Super Super, Slocombe is used to being, shall we say, “challenged” about his work…

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This one just in from Domitille Pouy at design studio Thomas Manss & Company

Airside do Glastonbury – The Movie DVD packaging

Cows, snogging and acid… Airside has created the packaging for Glastonbury The Movie
At a time when you can get online and simply download music and films, really it’s down to the packaging of albums and DVDs to make the tangible music or film product a viable option to the consumer.
With this in mind the creators of the classic 90s film, Glastonbury The Movie – which Mike Leigh notably described as a masterpiece – set about creating a monster of a DVD package so jam-packed with extras and previously unseen or released footage of good ol’ Glastonbury, that the film itself makes up just a fraction of the 36+ hours of content actually contained on the three discs, which come housed in a package devised and designed by Airside…

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