TypeKit.com: improved typography for the web

Typekit launched in November 2009 as a subscription-based service for linking to Open Type fonts. It was developed by San Francisco-based Small Batch.

Every major browser now supports the ability to link to a font. By writing a bit of css and including a link to a font file, web pages can now display the type­faces of their designer’s choice. To address the licensing issues and ensure that font designers receive compensation for the use of their typefaces, Typekit worked with leading foundries to develop a font-linking licence. Designers can sign up on either a monthly or yearly basis, choosing from a range of levels (a Personal account suitable for bloggers, for example, is US $24.99 a year while the top-level Performance library which allows for unlimited font usage costs $249.99). This buys access to a library of fonts from foundries such as FontFont and Underware.


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