Typespace type design

Category: Type Design; Entrant: Rajshree Saraf

Typespace is a variable font designed for augmented reality and based on 3D cubes to make it more computationally efficient (every new vertex generated in AR makes extra processing demands and increases the risk of a crash happening).

According to its creator, Rajshree Saraf, using these 3D cubes actually creates more flexibility, allowing the typeface to change shape without becoming too distorted. Saraf describes it as “a font that can produce diverse variations in all dimensions” – which is critical for AR’s need for adaptable, 3D type, rather than the fixed 2D designs used in print and on screen.

Typespace can be customised in real time, meaning it can respond to the real-life environment – fitting around crowded rooms, weird buildings, bookshelves, bathtubs, stairs and beyond. “Typespace is the beginning of what creating communication in augmented reality could be like,” says Saraf.

Category: Type Design
Entrant: Rajshree Saraf
Creative Director, Developer: Rajshree Saraf