André Felipe and Flavia Menezes’ ode to the typographic poster

Typo/graphic posters is an archive of nearly 9,000 posters from 42 countries. Here founder André Felipe talks about what the project has meant to him

Started in 2008, typo/graphic posters is an archive that focuses exclusively on posters centred on type. “I had a school project about the history of posters but was dissatisfied delivering something my professor already knew or was readily available in books,” says founder André Felipe.

“I had the idea to collect posters via a website under a theme, so I got the domain, coded the site and invited other designers to join. My teacher accepted typo/graphic posters in exchange for the project and his approval and excitement had a big impact on me.” 

The first site was coded with Indexhibit and is now in its fifth iteration. Working together with fellow designer Flavia Menezes, the archive exists as a research and inspiration tool, with the ability to search the extensive archive, peruse themes and even create collections of your own.  It was important for Felipe and Menezes to create something impartial, and avoid making a comment on trends and instead let the posters and the designers who created them speak for themselves. 

Building Set Storage, 2014, Richard Niessen; All images courtesy of typo/graphic posters