Uncommon Creative Studio’s striking new campaign for SiriusXM

Featuring a film from director Kim Gehrig and a set of dynamic OOH digital billboards, the campaign aims to show the importance of music throughout our lives

Gehrig’s film uses a simple technique to articulate how music accompanies us through all ages. Opening with a young girl in a dance studio, the film sees her subtly age as she moves to the music, with the tracks changing to represent different emotions, moods and phases of her life.

“A Life in Sound celebrates the real, universal, and uniquely human experience of being moved by the audio you love,” says Nils Leonard, co-founder at Uncommon Creative Studio. “One film. One woman. Dancing through the different chapters of her life. It is the truth of the SiriusXM experience captured in film.”

Accompanying the TV spot, which aired in the US during yesterday’s Oscars ceremony, is an OOH campaign which focuses on three popular genres on SiriusXM – hip-hop, country, and sports – and highlights the fan worship they provoke.

Shot by photographer and filmmaker Gabriel Moses, the images feature SiriusXM subscribers and super-fans of these genres captured in exuberant crowds. The imagery appears in both stills and motion billboards, and amply captures the energy and excitement music can provoke.

This campaign is the first from SiriusXM since the brand’s new identity launched last year, also designed by Uncommon.


Creative Studio: Uncommon
Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Kim Gehrig
DOP: Chayse Irvin
Choreographer: Denna Thomsen
Production Designer: James Chinlund
Editor: Tom Lindsay @ Cosmo Street
Post-production: Blacksmith
OOH Photographer/Director: Gabriel Moses @ Concrete Rep
DOP: Jake Gabbay @ WPA
Set Design: Jack Flanagan @ Streeters
Production Company: Concrete Rep & Pony Projects
Editor: Joseph Taylor @ TRIM
VFX & Online: Studio Private