Uncommon launches new mobile game Squad Busters with epic ad

The spot sees Hollywood stars and social media influencers do battle to promote the first global release in over five years from Supercell

Mobile game ads are rarely renowned for their craftmanship, but this spot from Uncommon Creative Studio raises the bar for the sector to new heights, delivering plenty of charm and genuine lols.

Supercell’s new release Squad Busters, which is already the fastest ever mobile game to reach 40 million pre-registrations, sees players take part in multiplayer matches, building up squads over the course of four-minute rounds and competing against rival players to grab the most gems.

The game features characters from other iconic Supercell releases, including Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, who are seen brought to life by Hollywood stars including Chris Hemsworth, Christina Ricci and Will Arnett in the ad.

The Hollywood squad is shown befriending a player and then following him around in real life, appearing with him in the toilet, at a job interview and in traffic (a scene that leads to a triumphant, karaoke-style rendition of Nickelback’s How You Remind Me).

The ad’s finale then sees them confronted by a rival gang made up of internet stars, including TikTok superstar Bella Poarch and lip-syncing legend Gabriela Moura.

In keeping with the current trend for long ads, the spot comes in at five minutes, but is packed with witty gags and is clearly designed to appeal to a broad demographic. “To mark this launch, our team wanted to create a show-stopping moment, so it felt fitting to have Hollywood icons face off against social media stars,” says Ilkka Paananen, CEO of Supercell.

Creative Studio: Uncommon Creative Studio
Production Company: Caviar Content
Director: Jody Hill