The Undeniable Street View exposes the destruction in Ukraine

Featuring footage shot across six cities by a team of photographers, the website sheds light on the damage that’s taken place following Russia’s invasion in 2022

Created by a group of Ukrainian organisations – including United24, Voices of Children, Nova Ukraine and Vostok-SOS – The Undeniable Street View offers viewers an unprecedented insight into the destruction of residential buildings and other non-military targets since the conflict began a year ago.

Led by Dubai-based creative agency And Us, the project functions in the same way as Google Street View, with users able to navigate through various streets around the country, bearing witness to the burnt out façades, crumbled walls and smashed windows that have been left behind. The website comprises over 100km of raw street view footage, shot by a small team of photographers and led by experienced photojournalist Mykola Omelchenko.

Speaking on the project, Omelchenko says: “One of the biggest weapons of war will always be the truth. As Ukrainian citizens living amongst the destruction, we felt compelled to reveal the truth and highlight the daily realities of the ongoing war from our perspective. The damage cannot be denied and we want the wider world to experience first hand what is actually happening on the ground.”

By documenting these sites of destruction, the team behind the website hopes to provide irrefutable evidence of Russia’s hostility – not just towards Ukrainian forces, but the Ukrainian people as well.

“To raise awareness abroad, images of Ukrainian streets visualise the destruction and the suffering,” says Igor Markov of Nova Ukraine. “They help people in the US and throughout the world understand the consequences of Russian aggression and the need for accountability.”