United Nations issues a call to arms for creatives to help tackle coronavirus

Talenthouse is running the UN’s new open brief, which is asking agencies and individuals to come up with creative ways of communicating potentially life-saving information about the Covid-19 pandemic

Creativity has long been used as a tool for good during turbulent times, as we’ve seen with the array of inventive projects and initiatives that have come out of the coronavirus pandemic over the last few weeks. In its new open brief to creatives across the globe, the United Nations is recognising the value of creativity in the ongoing effort to overcome the pandemic.

“We need to meet people where they are, with a stream of fresh, innovative content which drives home the personal behaviours and societal support needed today,” says Robert Skinner, executive director of the UN Office for Partnerships. “We look to the creative community, using factual, accurate and science-based knowledge and messages, to help reach everyone, everywhere in this fight against the coronavirus.”

Image by Shenja Tatschke (@shen.ja)

The brief, which is being managed by Talenthouse, calls on agencies, creative communities and individuals to come up with “iconic and visually arresting” content spanning illustration, audio, video and copy. The content can be related to any of the UN’s key messages around the actions that the public can take to help combat the virus, which include personal hygiene; physical distancing; knowing the symptoms; kindness contagion; myth busting and do more, donate.

“This is the first time that we are fighting a war where everyone is on the same side,” says Clare McKeeve, CEO of Talenthouse’s parent company, TLNT. “Looking back at how the famous Rosie the Riveter and Your Country Needs You posters galvanised the public into action during wartime, we believe the creative community can create today’s iconic posters, images and artwork to impact all communities across the world as part of this global mission to help save lives.”

Image by Kaiq

The open brief is running until 9 April, and submissions will be made available for local authorities, organisations, brands and the public to download from Talenthouse’s website. A panel of industry experts will also be selecting a number of winning submissions to be shared more widely across a range of media channels.

To read the full brief and submit your work, head here