United Visual Artists

The art and design collective host their first solo exhibition
of still photographs at the Smithfield Gallery in London

United Visual Artists are best known for their large-scale light-based installations made for an eclectic range of clients from Tate Modern to Giorgio Armani, as well as concert visuals for Massive Attack. For the collective’s first UK solo exhibition however, they have created a series (titled Deus) of still-images, displayed on lightboxes.

“Most of our light works are experiential, set in the real world for people to touch, feel and interact with; they’re here today, gone tomorrow,” say Matt Clark and James Medcraft of uva, who created Deus. “The challenge we set ourselves with this exhibition was to distill these explorations with light into single images, while retaining the emotive quality of our installation work.

“The exhibition will contain a series of large-scale photographic prints which explore the effect of artificial light on the natural landscape,” the pair say. “We travelled to the darkest depths of Britain, looking for places that had been influenced by man’s intervention but never artificially illluminated. Introducing the artificial light had a transforming effect, literally creating a new place that only existed momentarily.” 

June 3–26, thesmithfieldgallery.com

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