Universal Everything: Infinity self-initiated project

Category: Craft and Technical Innovation; Entrant: Universal Everything

Universal Everything Infinity self-initiated project

For this self-initiated project, digital artist collective Universal Everything set themselves the challenge to create an infinite film entirely using generative technology. The piece intended to expand on UE’s long-standing exploration of figurative forms and take it to another level by creating a new form of digital art – one that would be possible only with bespoke coding and the latest graphics-processing technology.

Infinity is a never-ending video artwork, presenting viewers with an endless parade of unique personalities born from code. Viewers watch as bold and beautiful characters are ­generated, named, and join in the parade in real-time. The idea behind Infinity is to create new possibilities in digital art, experimenting with a form that can offer viewers something new and unique to discover each time they see the work.

Infinity premiered on UE’s social media channels and website as a livestream, running for two weeks in July 2021. It generated an average of 3,180 unique characters per hour. Building on the success of this production, UE are continuing to explore code-generated infinite artworks for their potential for interaction and for their application in various other fields.

Design Studio: Universal Everything
Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Unity Developer: Adam Samson
Sound: Simon Pyke
Studio Technician: Spike Thompson