University of California: Investments Annual Report 2023 design

Category: Editorial Design; Entrant: Mucho

Graphics created for University of California's annual report made out of pink engraved surfaces

This is the ninth year that Mucho has designed the annual report for University of California Investments. “As opposed to thinking of a minimal graphic design language for this year’s report, to represent the idea of ‘less is more’, we decided to demonstrate the process by stripping away the unnecessary to reveal the necessary,” says Mucho.

“Designers in the studio, along with the help of UK artist Steve Bennett, created all of the artwork by hand. Using a printmaking technique called linocut, we carefully stripped away the excess linoleum material, much as a sculptor does with very sharp cutting tools.

Double page spread from the University of California's annual report

“The hand-crafted blocks were then photographed to be used throughout the report. To complement the illustrations, we chose an inktrap style font featuring apertures that appear to be chiselled, much like the linocuts themselves. The envelope that the report is mailed in shows all of the fillings that were chiseled away.”

Design Studio: Mucho
Creative Director: Rob Duncan
Design Director: Lyam Bewry
Designers: Dong Sik Jeon (Paul Jeon), Peiyao (Heather) Tang
Illustrator: Steve Bennett
Copywriter: Laura Scholes, Story House Creative
Project Manager: Francesca Duncan