Unseen Gaza trailer – Why Not Associates – 10.011

Unseen Gaze Channel 4 Promo

The point of the Unseen Gaza documentary was to show some of the footage that had not previously been aired on mainstream TV networks because of the coverage restrictions.

As the trailer begins a white (and later black) rectangle fills the majority of the screen, obscuring the video footage playing underneath. Reporter Jon Snow’s narration is written out as text on top of the rectangle but the words, too, are blanked out by instant strikethroughs.


Why Not Associates’ design emphasised that whatever coverage of the situation had aired previously was only a glimpse of what was really happening. As the trailer continues, viewers see bits of handheld camerawork recording people running, carrying the wounded and of various buildings exploding, ie they’re denied the complete picture.



The narrated text in its entirety reads: “The violence has continued for weeks. Hundreds of children have died. A whole population has been terrified. And no Western journalists have been allowed to see it as it happened. So, when you watched the news what were you not being shown?”





Directors: Brian Harrington and Why Not Associates

Production Company: 4 Creative

Producer: Mary Claire Seiler


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