Untypical Girls

Untypical Girls traces the history of women in punk and indie music, and features rare and brilliant documentary photography of bands stretching from 1977 to 1993. We talk to the book’s author, Sam Knee, about his love of this era of music and why it is important to remember the women of the scene.

Untypical Girls is a celebration of women in punk and indie, looking back over 16 key years, from 1977-1993, and featuring hundreds of images of the key players in Britain and the US.

The book features famous names, from Siouxie Sioux to Ari Up, Kim Gordon to Courtney Love, as well as lesser-known bands and indie music fans. It documents the way that the UK and US interacted via punk, and also follows author Sam Knee’s own journey through music, as a fan and regular gig-goer.